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Schedule published!


More than 30 sessions will span across the two-day multitrack conference that will be held in the University Politehnica of Bucharest, and will be topped off with a sprinkling of in site events.

Each day will start at 9:00 and will finish after 17:00 with a few breaks throughout the day, not to mention the Freedom & Networking Party that is going to take place Saturday evening, giving plenty of opportunities to socialize, meet other people and have fun.

Orange border - Plenary running on a single track - AN010 Amphitheater.

Blue border - Afternoon multiple tracks (3) - AN010, AN015 and AN032 Amphitheaters.

Friday, the 22nd of May: Day One

  Time Length Session Speaker(s) Location
09:00 45' Registration and Booth Events n/a AN (Central Hall)
09:45 15' Opening Ceremony Lucian Savluc
Romulus Maier
10:00 25' Romanian Ministry of Education and Research - representative talk Adrian Curaj AN010
10:25 35' Richard Stallman – What means Free Software and why matters - video presentation Intro by Georg Greve AN010
11:00 30' European Commission Open Source Observatory and Repository Project Ismael Olea AN010
11:30 30' Coffee Break and Booth Events n/a AN
12:00 40' Free Software 2009: challenges and opportunities Georg Greve AN010
12:40 20' Internationally-Recognized Degree in Educational Technology, The University of British Columbia, Canada John Koetsier AN010
13:00 60' Lunch Break and Booth Events n/a n/a
  14:00 20' Participating in a World of Choice: practical aspects about Open Source and Microsoft Todi Pruteanu
Zoli Herczeg
Bucharest air quality management system build entirely with FLOSS software Vasile Craciunescu AN015
14:20 30' The Open Source effect in the Storage world (SUN presentation) George Mitropoulos AN010
Open Source, Linux, and a Smarter Planet Adam Jollans AN015
14:50 10' Room Change Break n/a AN
15:00 30' Latest Mozilla News Zbigniew Branecki AN010
IBM's Open Source Strategy Adam Jollans AN015
15:30 30' Concept Application Server and GyroGears – an open source system to build "cloud" solutions Eduard Suica AN010
Donnons toutes ses chances aux logiciels libres / Let's give all the chances to free software Calin Dordia AN015
16:00 10' Room Change Break n/a AN
16:10 20' Collaboration that works Dragos Manac AN010
Learn about new things (a surprise presentation). Surprise guest AN015
16:30 30' Fedora in the Enterprise Jeroen van Meeuwen AN010
XWiki: Enterprise Rapid Application Development, The Wiki Way Jerome Velociter AN015
17:00 10' Day one closing remarks Lucian Savluc
Romulus Maier

Saturday, the 23rd of May: Day Two

  Time Length Session Speaker(s) Location
  09:00 45' Booth Events n/a AN (Central Hall)
09:45 15' A presentation by a surprise guest Surprise guest
10:00 40' Players and driving forces of the evolving Open Source landscape and how to make use of them Valer Mischenko AN010
10:40 40' True Stories From Open Source Danese Cooper AN010
11:20 30' Coffee Break and Booth Events n/a AN
11:50 35' Open Source licensing and software quality Monty Michael Widenius AN010
12:25 35' Clouds on the Horizon? Get Ready for Drizzle. David Axmark AN010
13:00 60' Lunch Break and Booth Events n/a n/a
  14:00 15' Developing Local Communities Alina Mierlus AN010
Free Technologies and Free Art in Romania Tiberiu Turbureanu AN015
14:15 45' Lightning Talk / Interactive Session - Werewolf Danese Cooper AN010
National Unique Queue Register can fight against corruption Teo Constantin Teodorescu AN015
15:00 10' Room Change Break n/a AN
15:10 30' SocrateOpen for the Open Source Community - Challenges & Opportunities Remus Cazacu AN010
IblaSoft from 1.0 to 2.0 - Evolution and perspectives Iosif Biro AN015
15:40 30' OSS EDU: Standing on the shoulders of giants John Koetsier AN010
When open source is not enough... Open data in the context of Web 2.0/3.0 Sabin Buraga AN015
16:10 10' Room Change Break n/a AN
16:20 30' JBoss clustering solutions/Mission Critical Enterprise Mircea Markus AN010
Yes, You Can Save Money With Open-Source Software Felix Enescu AN015
16:50 10' Closing Plenary & Handover to eLiberatica Committee Lucian Savluc
Romulus Maier

Saturday, starting with 17:30 pm, the Freedom Party will rock!

Important Notes

  • Open Agile Event is not displayed in the schedule above. Each day in between 10:00-13:00, Open Agile Event will run workshops in AN032 Amphitheater. After the lunch break, starting with 14:00 and finishing with 17:00, Open Agile Event will run in the 3rd track, in parallel with eLiberatica tracks. For more information and detailed event schedule, please check Open Agile website.
  • Mozilla Event, O'Reilly Media Event, Romanian Free Software Teams Event and GPG Key Signing Party will run like booth events, in the breaks, and in between 9:00-10:00 and 17:00-18:00, each day. For more details, please check each individual event page and/or contact the event managers.
  • All breaks will be synchronized in between tracks, so the attendees will have the chance to change rooms.
  • IMPORTANT! In between breaks, when the presentations are running, the Amphitheater's door will be closed to avoid disturbing the speeches. The conference organizers are kindly asking all participants to follow this simple rule and do not change rooms in between breaks.
    Please make your mind before and chose carefully the speech you wish to attend.

Note: Due to factors outside of our control, the schedule is subject to change. Any kind of change is going to be reflected under this section as soon as possible.