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Open Agile Romania @ eLiberatica 2009

Open Agile Romania is the first big event in Romania about managing software development with Agile methods, about combining techniques, technologies and attitudes to create value. This event is not about a single method of work, it's about an opportunity to share and discuss thoughts and experiences from software development.

The two days where presentations, case studies and interactive workshop are combined give the opportunity of group discussions on the subjects you propose at the beginning of each open session.

Open Agile Romania gives good networking opportunities to all participants.

Open Agile Event Speakers

Ken Schwaber Ken Schwaber Co-developer of Scrum,
Control Chaos, USA

Jurgen Appelo Jurgen Appelo Chief Information Officer,
ISM eCompany, Netherland

Corey Haines Corey Haines Software Journeyman,
CoreyHaines.com, USA

Maria Diaconu Maria Diaconu Software / Agile Methodology Consultant,
Mosaic Works, Romania

Ovidiu Negrean Ovidiu Negrean Founder and Owner,
www.Lucrez.in/IT, Romania

Mihnea Giurgea Mihnea Giurgea Co-founder and Software Engineer,
Balaur.ro, Romania

Mircea Pasoi Mircea Pasoi Software Engineer,
UberVU, Romania

Razvan Gliga Razvan Gliga IT Architect,
IBM, Romania

Lucian Parvu Lucian Parvu Project Manager,
Luxoft, Romania

Alex Bolboaca Alex Bolboaca Consultant and Trainer,
www.alexbolboaca.ro, Romania

Open Agile Romania Organizers

The event is chaired, organized and managed by Maria Diaconu and an organizational committee formatted by Agile specialists, students and academics.

Maria Diaconu - Open Agile Romania Chair & Event Coordinator Maria Diaconu's international experience in Agile software development is based on almost ten years of successful work in various and complex projects in Romania, France and Belgium. Starting the IT career as a high school teacher she continued to enlarged her horizon working as software developer, team leader, project manager and quality manager.
Maria is working in the present as software consultant, methodologies trainer and coach, guiding people and teams that want to develop high quality software and increase their productivity. She is also a certified Scrum Master and CMMI® practitioner and holds a university degree in Economic Informatics.


An open and interactive event

In the open sessions, questions and attendee-proposed topics are discussed.

We will invite those who want to convene a topic to come forward and present it. It's a simple process. You don't need to prepare papers, slides, or flip-charts. You will simply step forward and briefly describe the topic you propose. Or you can ask the questions you have on a specific topic. More details will be given right before event.

You should attend if you want to take part in this Agile experience!

Why participate

Both customers and companies developing software can gain from learning other ways to built software. In the last ten years, software companies respecting Agile principles proved that real quality and profit can be achieved in the same time, without sacrificing none.

  • Find what is Agile movement and how it reset the balance between the business and technical sides of an organization, improving the relation between software suppliers and their customers
  • Learn how and why Agile is about delivering business value early in the project lifetime, while supporting people enlightenment, learning and growth.

Who will I meet and who is speaking?

Agile software development professionals from Romania and other European countries contribute to this event.

We are discussing right now with prestigious and experienced members of Agile and Scrum Alliance . We will provide information as soon as we have confirmations from them.


  • Decision makers, project managers, team leaders, testers and programmers in the software industry, including software integrators and software maintenancers
  • Customers of software companies, wanting to have a better cooperation with their suppliers or interested in IT field
  • Marketing and architecture are two fields where Scrum and Agile principles are successfuly used in the last few years, so anyone interested in new approaches is welcome
  • Students and academics

Key topics

  • Agile flavors, principles and practice, gile benefits
  • Good agile, bad agile; doing Agile right
  • Identify combination of methods to manage software and product development via Agile (Scrum, XP, TDD, FDD, etc.)
  • Successfully control change when implementing Agile software development in your organization
  • Discover winning solutions in Agile software development to cut costs in half and reduce defects
  • Reduce time to market by using continuous integration within an Agile team
  • Talent, skills and tools in Agile environment
  • Agile, Open Source and Free Software

Event contact information

Open Agile Romania Chair & Event Coordinator
Maria Diaconu

eLiberatica Chairman & Conference Coordinator