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Romanian Free Software Teams Event @ eLiberatica 2009

A large number of members from Romanian FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) communities have participated at eLiberatica since the conference started two years ago. Now you can get in touch with us at our dedicated booth, meet us in person and find out more information about our current and future activities. Here you will find members from Ubuntu local community, ROSEdu, Ceata and Grupul pentru Software Liber.

This booth is a place of meeting, promotion and communication for people involved in Romanian Open Source and Free Software and for people who want to contribute but don't know where to start.


Who will you meet at the booth

Alex Eftimie Alex Eftimie RFST Event Coordinator,
ROSEdu, Ubuntu România & GSL
Răzvan Deaconescu Răzvan Deaconescu Community Coordinator,
Lucian Grijincu Lucian Grijincu Free Software Developer and Evangelist,
Diacritice and Ubuntu România
Tiberiu Turbureanu Tiberiu Turbureanu Free Software Activist and Community Leader,
Andrei Soare Andrei Soare Student for GNOME at Google Summer of Code '08,
Stas Sushkov Stas Sushkov Free Software Evangelist,
GSL and Ubuntu România
Marius Popa Adrian Marius Popa Adrian Free Software Evangelist,
Firebird Foundation and Ubuntu România

Event contact information

Romanian Free Software Teams (RFST) Event Coordinator
Alex Eftimie
If you have any suggestions for our booth, don't hesitate to contact Alex.

Alex Eftimie is a Free Software activist. Currently a student at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Department of Computer Science, he is a member of the ROSEdu, Ubuntu România and GSL teams. His responsibilities at ROSEdu include organizing Ubuntu Install Fests and Cursul de Dezvoltare Liberă (the Free Development Course), first course of its kind in Romania.

eLiberatica Chairman & Conference Coordinator


Note from eLiberatica organizers: Alex should be credited with the idea of having a booth at eLiberatica where any FLOSS Romanian organization would sent a representative. We are proud to see young people like him and Tibi taking responsibilities and being a model for others.

We are also using this chance to officially thank to the following volunteers who are helping to run eLiberatica: Tibi Turbureanu, Marius Latu, Laurentiu Dascălu, Cristi Bercaru, Vali Gosu, Cătălin Cîrlan, Tania Cristea and Lori Terzea.

Who should visit our booth?

  • People who want to find out more about Romanian FLOSS communities and their activities
  • People who want to contribute to FLOSS projects and want a head start
  • Users of Ubuntu and its localized Romanian version
  • Students and pupils who use or plan to use FLOSS in an educational environment

Why stop by?

You'll get the chance to discuss and interact with contributors from some of the most active Romanian FLOSS communities and find out more about their activities.

Represented Communities

The Romanian Free Software Teams booth is managed by
Alex Eftimie backed up by ROSEdu Community and members of Ubuntu-ro, Ceata, GSL and Diacritice groups.

The event booth and exposition space is offered free of charge by courtesy of eLiberatica organizers in support of Romanian FLOSS communities.

Ubuntu RomâniaUbuntu România

Ubuntu România Local Community Team, is focused at providing documentation and support, improving localization and langauge support, and promoting Ubuntu by the mean of a local presence. You can find more about us by visiting Romanian Ubuntu Team official website.


ROSEdu is a community which brings together people sharing a passion for programming, open source software and Computer Science. One of our goals at ROSEdu is to promote FLOSS in the Romanian education system. The community is formed mostly of students from Politehnica University of Bucharest.

Grupul pentru Software Liber Grupul pentru Software Liber

Grupul pentru Software Liber (The Free Software Group) brings together the majority of FLOSS communities in Romania. Started as a local activity (in Cluj-Napoca), Grupul pentru Software Liber now reunites groups and associations from all over Romania, in the effort to exchange knowledge and share best practices for promoting free software in Romania.

Diacritice Diacritice

Diacritice Group brings together translators from different Romanian localization communities (Debian-ro, Fedora-ro, Gnome-ro, Kde-ro, OpenOffice-ro, Suse-ro, Ubuntu-ro, etc.) in an effort to standardize the way user interfaces are translated into Romanian.

Ceata Ceata

Ceata is a young group (ro: ceata) of enthusiastic people who create and promote free arts, free technologies, free market, and localization. Our aim is to help the Romanian society become a free society. To make this happen we are continuously joining efforts with several Free Software communities and companies.

Firebird Romania Firebird Romania

Firebird Romania is focused at improving localization and langauge support by translating official documentation , and promoting Firebird database by the mean of a local presence. You can find more about us by visiting firebirdsql.ro official website or our google group where enyone can join and help the project.