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eLiberatica 2009 papers submission was closed on 27th of March 2009.
If you still have proposals you can submit it, but probably will be deferred for the next year.

Speaker benefits

eLiberatica is the only international Open Source and Free Software conference taking place in Romania and one of the most important IT events in the region, therefore it is offering to its speakers tremendous opportunities for exposure and recognition as industry leaders.

eLiberatica is a remarkable event and conference. Few such events allow you the opportunity to form lasting connections with government, business, students, and few succeed as well as eLiberatica at conferring a sense of friendly and productive camaraderie. Ā» Read more
Louis Suarez-Potts,
Chair of the Community Council, OpenOffice.org / Sun Microsystems, Inc.

In appreciation of your contribution as a conference speaker, we will provide the following benefits to you:

  • Complimentary registration to the exhibition, keynotes and conference
  • One complimentary Conference Ticket - for your colleague
  • Lunches during the event, plus the Freedom Party
  • For international speakers, depending on the budget, we might offer full or partial reimbursement for the transportation cost and venue

Call for papers details

About paper submission

  • Check the conference topics and see which of them are covered by your expertise
  • Write a 500-1000 characters abstract that would clearly define the topic of your presentation (plain text or rtf)
  • Pick a descriptive title
  • Prepare a short bio in between 500 and 1000 characters (plain text or rtf; please check the last edition speaker bios for an example)
  • Prepare a full resume - plain text or rtf (mentioning events and conferences where you presented in the past)
  • Prepare a high resolution picture of you - png or jpeg, at least 800x600px, preferable higher
  • Build an archive (zip or rar) with the materials listed above
  • Submit the archive via e-mail at: papers@eliberatica.ro no later than 27th of March 2009
  • Accepted speakers will be notified by 6th of April 2009

Your paper/speech focus (conference topics)

  • Explain the real meaning of Free/Libre/Open Source Software
  • Explain why using FLOSS in government and state structures is highly important in an effective democracy
  • Harness the power of Open Source and Free Software technologies; what makes it compelling and why should it be considered a very strong alternative to closed source and proprietary model
  • Thru practical examples, teach about latest trends and best practices in developing and using FLOSS software and solutions
  • Explain how hot to migrate from proprietary and closed source software to FLOSS viable alternatives
  • Share your experience in Open Source and Free Software model based businesses
  • Explain to attendees how they can boost their careers and gain success by getting involved in the FLOSS community

Notes about speeches and other details

  • Usually, speeches will be 20 to 40 minutes long, followed by 5 to 10 minutes of questions and answers
  • The organizers will communicate to the speakers the approximate time when the speech will be scheduled and its designated duration. Although the organizers are trying to avoid this, some adjustments may occur on site, during the conference.
  • The language of the conference will mainly be English, but we expect some Romanian presentations too from the local speakers
  • Conference, will take place from 22nd- 23rd of May 2009 but we are expecting international speakers arrival at least a day before the conference start so they would rest and prepare for the event.
  • You can find more details about the venue, Bucharest and Romania in general on the Venue section
  • If you have any questions, please contact Lucian Savluc, the conference chairman, at lucian.savluc@eliberatica.ro

Like in the previous edition, the conference organizers are doing their best to provide not only a great experience but also a good time and lots of fun for all eLiberatica guests and attendees.