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Mozilla Event @ eLiberatica 2009

Mozilla is a global community of thousands who sincerely believe in the power of technology to enrich people's lives. Like every year, Mozilla will be present at eLiberatica 2009, but in a different format. Together with the local Mozilla community (Mozilla.ro), a bigger event will be organized, where you can discover more about the Mozilla Ecosystem.
Apart from the speeches, Mozilla will have a booth where special events take place, such as practical seminars and short presentations of our new projects.

So don't forget to visit the Mozilla booth and get involved (we have a lot of surprises in store for you).

Why participate?

Because you will discover and learn about the Mozilla Ecosystem and interact with enthusiast people who are working and volunteering for the Mozilla Project.

Mozilla Event Speakers

Zbigniew Branecki Zbigniew Branecki Mozilla representative,
Mozilla Europe, Poland

Alina Mierlus Alina Mierlus Community building,
Mozilla Europe, Spain

More Mozilla representatives you will meet at the booth

Besides Alina, Irina and Zbigniew, at the Mozilla booth you will meet:

William Quiviger William Quiviger Community Marketing Manager for Europe,
Mozilla Corporation, France

Alexandru Szasz Alexandru Szasz Contributor (Romanian localization),
Mozilla Europe, Romania

Toni Hermoso Pulido Toni Hermoso Pulido Contributor (Catalan community building),
Mozilla Europe, Spain

Event contact information

Mozilla Event Chair and Coordinator
Alina Mierlus
If you have any suggestion for the event, don't hesitate to contact Alina

Mozilla Event PR Coordinator
If you are a journalist or blogger and are interested in Mozilla, please contact Irina.

eLiberatica Chairman & Conference Coordinator

Event Schedule

You can find Mozilla Event schedule details here:

Who should visit the booth?

  • Users of Firefox, Thunderbird and other Mozilla products who want to find out more
  • People who would like to contribute to our project and want to know how to do it
  • All the people who would like to discover and know more about the Mozilla Ecosystem and the future of Mozilla as a global project
  • All of you who would like to know more about open web, participation, community circles, open source marketing and other interesting subjects
  • All of you, no matter which age, preferences, profession, hobby you may have

An open and interactive event for all!

Mozilla representatives will hold presentations about the Mozilla Ecosystem and about how the Mozilla community works. We would like to tell you about the Mozilla Ecosystem and about how you can spread the word. We are looking forward to talk to you about the new features in upcoming Firefox and Thunderbird releases, Mozilla localization, the local community, Ubiquity, add-ons, the Open Web and Mozilla community marketing. Also, the Mozillians present at the booth will give away T-shirts and merchandise. Don't hesitate to approach us if you have any questions or would like to know anything about our projects, if you have ideas or if you would simply like to get involved . We are open :).

Mozilla Event Organizers

The event is chaired, organized and managed by Alina Mierlus and Irina Sandu, active members of Mozilla Europe, and backed up by Mozilla Romania Community.

Alina Mierlus - Mozilla Event Chair and CoordinatorAlina Mierlus - Mozilla Event Chair and Coordinator

Alina is a Free Software, Open Standards and Open Source Development Model activist and evangelist. She is now is contributing to Mozilla Europe by helping with community building and community marketing for Romanian and Catalan Mozilla communities. She is also collaborating with OSOR project as news reporter. During the last 5 years she has been contributing in various FLOSS projects, organizing events and seminars, public speaking about FLOSS, building communities and coordinating projects. She strongly believes in the importance of educating people in Free Software and Open Source.
At eLiberatica 2009, Alina is the Mozilla Event Chair and Coordinator.
You can find more about Alina at www.alinamierlus.com.

Alina Mierlus - Mozilla Event Chair and CoordinatorIrina Sandu - Mozilla Event PR Coordinator

Irina has been involved with Mozilla for 4 years. She started as a website localizer and later contributed to PR and Marketing efforts, too. She currently maintains the Romanian version of the Mozilla Europe website, along with organizing community events and PR activities. Irina's contribution to the Mozilla Project involves, but is not limited to, localization, community building and product marketing activities. She blogs on the Romanian Mozilla community blog at www.mozilla.ro and is studying advertising.