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Your help is needed!

Contribute and promote the Open Source and Free Software ideals and technologies by spreading the word about this initiative.

We are going to monitor all the links coming from external sites which have inserted an eLiberatica promotional or articles; like in the previous edition, a few weeks before the conference, we will pick two winners, which will get free invitations for eLiberatica 2009.

Show your support!

1. Get involved in the campaign - subscribe to eLiberatica Community Discussion List

  • A > Send a short email to eliberatica@googlegroups.com where you specify your name, location and why FLOSS matters to you.
  • B > We will create an account for you; it is not necessary to do something special, just ask for an account; you can just watch the discussions there or you can actively participate.

2. Print and display the conference flyer in your school and help students and teachers to know about this special event.

  • A > Download "eLiberatica for Students and Teacher" - A4 or A3 PDF flyer, print it and post it on your school's message board or another public location.
  • B > Send an email to pr@eliberatica.ro with a short note where you mention where you placed the poster.
    Note: If you send us a picture, we are going to publish it in our blogs and/or newsletter.

3. Place on your website an eLiberatica 2009 banner or logo with link

  • A > The easiest way is to copy/paste in your template or in a dedicated section of your website (like "Media Partners" for example) one of the code selections below (choose what suits your site best).
  • B > Send an email to pr@eliberatica.ro with a short note where you mention the link/page where you inserted eLiberatica logo.

4. Write on blogs and forums and make other people aware of what eLiberatica means

5. Stay updated with eLiberatica news

6. Take attitude; Spread the word of mouth

  • A > Communicate with your colleagues, peers and friends - we are trying to do something good for Romania ; it's the time to be in line with the world, not the slaves of the proprietary and closed technologies!
  • B > Make a stand. Learn new ways, learn about Free/Libre/Open Source Software.

Do not to stay passive!

If we want a change in Romania, in our business and our careers, we have to do something.
And the first step is to get informed. Come at eLiberatica!

Place eLiberatica 2009 banner or logo, with link, on your website!

eLiberatica 2009 Flash Banner

eLiberatica 2009 GIF Logos

Write on blogs and forums and make other people aware of what eLiberatica means!

Announcement About eLiberatica 2009!

eLiberatica 2009 – The 3rd Edition,
22nd – 23rd of May 2009 (Friday-Saturday), University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania.

One of the biggest events of its kind in Eastern Europe, eLiberatica brings community leaders from around the world to talk about the hottest topics in FLOSS movement, demonstrating the advantages of adopting, using and developing Open Source and Free Software solutions.
Beyond this, the event try to promote these open and free concepts in other fields, covering but not limited to, media, digital civil society and education.

This year, the conference target an audience of around 500 people: IT and FLOSS personalities, young and committed specialists, guests from European Union, Romanian social and business personalities and at least two ministers.

The two days of presentations and debates will focus on Open Source in an Economic Downturn.

The conference will have multiple tracks, special events hosted (Open Agile Romania, Mozilla Event, Open Media Event, and more), surprise guests and lots of practical workshops.

For more information you can check http://eliberatica.ro/2009/ website.

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Alternatively, you can download the entire promotional package zip archive (that contain a few different version of Flash banners, eLiberatica logo in vector format and more) and use it to help promoting the event > eLiberatica2009-promotional-package.zip.

We thank you for helping the spread of Open Source and Free Software!