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The registration is open!

This year we are offering a flat price low cost conference ticket that would be affordable for any attendees.

Until 15th of April pay  only 29 EUR / person!  Students pay only  12 EUR / person! 

Attention:  After 15th of April, the prices will increase : 39 EUR Conference Ticket | 19 EUR Student Ticket.

For media representatives, we offer free entrance but they have to provide credentials and to register online.

 REGISTER ONLINE >  eLiberatica 2009 Registration Form

eLiberatica 2009 conference ticket provides:

  • Full access to all sessions, presentations, workshops and conference materials (bag, catalog, diverse promotional materials)
  • One coffee break per day
  • Freedom & Networking Party on Saturday evening

We worked hard to come with a very low ticket price and we are proud we can offer it.

If you require assistance with the registration process, you can reach our representatives by phone at
(+4)-021-000.00.00 (preferred) or by email at eLiberatica@.

We also wish to show our openness and good willing in attracting the young generation; so we decided to offer for all college and university students a 50% cut off.

To benefit from this offer you will need to fax, email or mail us (see bottom left contact info)a copy of the following:

  • Students: a copy of your Student ID
  • College / pre-university students: a recommendation from the school staff or a copy of an Olympic diploma

This credentials need to be submitted no later than 10th of May. After that date, all the tickets will be sold at the full price regardless of the applicant status.

Important notes

  • Online registration will open on 8th of March and will last until 19th of May
  • Late registrants are welcomed at the Registration and Information Desk on Friday, May 22nd, 08:30 am, 2009 (extra taxes might be added)
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing via mail to:
    Obsolete address - to be removed
    fax (+0-000-000.00.00) or e-mail at eLiberatica@
  • Cancellations received before April 30th 2009 are subject to a 30% administrative fee
  • Unfortunately, no refunds are possible after April 30th 2009


We considered it better not to include unwanted additional costs by forcing the participants to take particular hotel rooms or meals. Therefore the conference tickets do not include any accommodation. You have the freedom to choose.

Like any major and beautiful historic cities, Bucharest has a wide variety of accommodations with wide price ranges. Under the Venue section we've prepared some useful information that will help you find good accommodation in the area.

Note: The registration process may be changed by the organizers. In this case all changes will appear on this website immediately.