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Sponsors and media partners are vital for having a successful event.

If you want to see this initiative continue to thrive and grow, and in the same time to illuminate your public appearance, sponsoring eLiberatica is one of the best investments you can make.

Your contribution will help the conference to:

  • Invite high profile international speakers
  • Provide the "up-front" money that is needed to lock down logistics
  • Keep registration costs low, which boosts attendance
  • Spread the word about the Open and Free Technologies
eLiberatica 2009 Sponsorship Brochure

We are proud to offer the following partnership tiers for eLiberatica 2009:

Please click the icon to open the pdf brochure, or click here to download the pdf brochure in zip archive.

For a custom sponsorship offer,
please contact:

eLiberatica Chairman & Conference Coordinator

By helping the conference you will:

  • Associate your brand with the high profile participants and other partners involved in eLiberatica 2009
  • Prove your willingness to support the innovation, open mind ideas, vision and community involvement
  • Showcase product attributes and differentiate from competitors
  • Increase your visibility
  • Shape consumer attitudes, entertain clients
  • Recruit new specialists and retain employees by proofing your commitment to community
  • Drive sales and/or a tax right off

eLiberatica 2009 expectations

This year, we target an audience of around 500 people, IT and FLOSS personalities, young and committed specialists, guests from European Union, Romanian social and business personalities and at least two ministers.

The two das of presentations and debates will focus on Open Source in an Economic Downturn.

We will have multiple tracks, special events hosted by the conference (Open Agile Romania, Mozilla Event, Open Media Event, and more), surprise guests and lots of practical workshops.

If you wish to promote your organization you have to be there!

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