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The last steps before eLiberatica full website release

Despite the fact that maybe in the last few months the external activity might not be noticeable, in the background, things moved with intensity.

Few public events can be mentioned although:

One of the most important events is " LOAD - Linux Open Alternative Days", which took place in Bucharest, 17th-18tth of October and where eLiberatica was presented by Alexandru Lăpuşan, another ROSI member. In the same month, eLiberatica was mentioned at " Linux Innovation" in Arad and "Studenţiada" in Iaşi by Dan Mutescu (also a ROSI member).

Another event, this time in Bulgaria, was "OpenFest" where eLiberatica was presented by Bogomil Shopov. We wish to highlight the remarkable support – every since the beginning of the initiative – offered by both Bulgarian FLOSS movement representatives Yovko Lambrev and Bogomil Shopov.

The last event, chronologically, is another initiative that belongs to Filip Cherecheş-Tosa, who presented eLiberatica at the third edition of "GeekMeet".

As about the background work, maybe the greatest achievement was the ability to attract some of the most remarkable personalities in the IT arena and OS/FS movement to join and speak at the conference. Since we plan to make this a surprise for you – next month, along with the official website launch – we won't yet make the list public, not yet. Anyway, we want to thank especially Zak Greant since without his help, most probably, we would have not been able to gather so many personalities to attend eLiberatica.

The eLiberatica website is on its last 100 yards; it was quite a work to be done but thanks to the effort of: Lucian Savluc, Adrian Florea, Gabriela Bartic, Mircea Sârbu, the Agora Media team and others who helped, it is ready to be officially launched. We need to mention here the help of Roberto Gerola, to whom we thank, who provided the multilingual support on Drupal (CMS used for eLiberatica website) using Localizer, a module developed by himself.

Currently the last corrections are made, the official launch of the website being estimated sometime around December 18th 2006.

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