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ROSI ROSI – the Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative, was born at the beginning of 2006 from the voluntary initiative of a group of Romanian computer experts, living both in Romania and abroad. After the first eLiberatica conference, the ROSI group will become a non-governmental organization that will have a main goal promoting the Open Source and Free Software solutions in Romania.
The main ROSI objective for 2006-2007 is to organize and prepare the eLiberatica conference.
Agora Media, is the leading Romanian media group integrating technology, business and consumer markets within the wider IT&C field. We have extended the reach of our printed brands (PC Magazine, eWEEK, NET Report, Channel Partner Romania) towards the online audience by publishing rich content on the Agora portal ( including the online versions of our titles and online-only brands such as PC Concrete and Agora Online. Also, starting 2005, we have entered the B2B events market by producing SolePAD, the only business-IT conference countrywide.
We position ourselves as the ultimate Romanian technology authority for counseling IT&C customers based upon our comprehensive lab testing, experts’ advices, news, reviews and market voices. With a general audience of more than 1.2 million passionate readers and events attendees per year, Agora Media provides, through its brands, a global coverage of the Romanian IT&C market, from corporate customers and major players to home users and technology geeks.
We provide our readers, who are well-educated, influential technology buyers and decision-makers in their professional fields, with the information they need to make the best purchase decisions. Our titles are the best link between the vendors and their customers. We are the best channel for the vendors to reach their targeted audience and grow their sales.
Our passion, knowledge and commitment to our readers have made us the leader of the IT&C media industry.
This is why managing an international event such as eLiberatica is a challenge, as well as an achievable target for Agora Media.


eLiberatica Sponsorhip Booklet - click to download it! eLiberatica Conference is raised to its high standards with the support of these generous sponsors. The conference organizers would like to thank all of its sponsors for their support. Please extend your appreciation for their effort in making the conference possible.

International/local companies, organizations or individuals, please contact:

Lucian Savluc, eLiberatica/ROSI coordinator
Lucian Savluc - email

Your contribution to the event is highly appreciated and will definitely be a great asset to your marketing efforts.

Gold Partner

IBM România

About IBM
International Business Machines Corporation, headquartered in Armonk, N.Y., is the world's largest information technology (IT) company. The IT leader, IBM's solutions and services span all major industries, including financial services, healthcare, government, automotive, telecommunications and education, among others. It is the diversity and breadth of our portfolio - spanning hardware, software, services, research, financing and technology - that uniquely separates IBM from other companies in the IT industry.

In 1995, IBM World Trade Corporation opened a subsidiary in Romania -“IBM Romania”. Today, IBM Romania stands ready to meet the needs of its wide customer base, having its headquarters in Bucharest and a branch office in Timisoara, plus a wide Authorized Business Partners network covering the whole country and major industries.

IBM Products
•IBM Systems •IBM System x and eServer xSeries •Blade Center Solutions •IBM System i and eServer i5 Servers •IBM System p5 and eServer p5 Servers •IBM System z9 Business Class •IBM System Storage and Total Storage •Printing •Point of Sale/Self-service •Software •DB2 Information Management Software •WebSphere Software •Lotus Software •Tivoli Software •Rational Software •IBM and Linux •IBM Global Services •IBM Global Business Services •IBM Global Technology Services •Learning Services

Silver Partner

Romsys Data

Activity field
Software distribution, IT Consulting, IT Training. Supplied Products / Solutions Symantec, Adobe, Red Hat, Business Objects, SPSS, Mathsoft.
Relation to OS Field We supply Red Hat solutions and offer international certified Red Hat training. The trainers are highly qualified professionals with international certifications.

Vision on OS issue
"Open Source has proven to be not only a new paradigm in software development near the end of the 20-th century, but also a solid base onto which various business models can be built. One of the Open Source (OS) movement benefits is the availability of - in most cases - good and complete documentation.
However, approaching this quality and completeness of the documentation proves to be a difficult challenge to a newbie. Companies in need for a skilled employee - or even a contractor - to help them manage their OS infrastructure may find themselves in an uncomfortable situation when presented a pool of potentially skilled individuals but without an independent - or at least impartial - reference to assess these skills.
Who is the best sysadmin out of a bunch of 20 youngsters claiming to be using Linux for almost 3 years now?
We'll try to address these issues in a brief, focused approach that can benefit both specialists and employers." (Andrei Pascal, Red Hat Certified Examiner, IT Training)

Silver Partner 


About BitDefender™
BitDefender™ provides security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today's computing environment, delivering effective threat management to over 41 million home and corporate users in more than 180 countries. BitDefender has offices in Romania, United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Activity domain
BitDefender, SOFTWIN Group's security division is a leading global provider of security solution that satisfies the protection requirements of today's computing environment. As it is active on the most advanced IT markets of the US and European Union, SOFTWIN develops on 4 interlinked business lines: eContent Solutions, BitDefender, Business Solutions and Customer Relationship Management.
BitDefender's connection with OpenSource BitDefender has used the OS community, as an inspiration source, for development and for shaping its attitude towards solving specific needs. We benefited from the very good collaboration with Linux users worldwide in beta campaigns. We offered prizes and the collaboration with the BitDefender team that spoke the same language and came from the same environment as they did and they have offered us the necessary and precious feedback for our launching of a new generation product.

The vision on the OS phenomenon
It's not a novelty when I say that if at this time OpenSource would cease to exist, everything that means software business and software creation would considerably slow down. I saw a mac spoof in which Linux appears in scene together with Mac and PC and says: "Without me you wouldn't play on the Internet. You wouldn't have so many options for creating clusters that serve web and mail content for millions of users.
Thanks to Open Source and UNIX-based systems (Linux, FreeBSD, etc) the vision on networking and client server applications has radically evolved and permitted the development and the understanding of many of the services that we all use everyday". (Alexandru Balan - Unix Based Solution Manager)

Bronze Partner

Aplix |

Aplix is a Romanian owned company exclusively based on production of ERP client/server solutions and development software. With a high level of technological experience in client /server solutions, Aplix is involved in making design products as well as in making complex process oriented software solutions.

Services and Products
Aplix ERP-the main Aplix product - was launched on the market in 1999 and it is based on the platform FirebirdSQL like an alternative for the similar proprietary systems. The size of the company doesn't mater for the Aplix ERP which performs good, trustful and sure.

The link with the OS domain
The Aplix Solution is more than Aplix ERP. Our costumers benefit not only from an reliable integrated relational data base management system but also from complete solutions when it comes to intra net/Internet/VPN and office: data and intranet servers (Linux/Samba/Apache/FirebirdSQL/SVN/e-GroupWare), office (Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Free Mind, media/web GIMP, NVU). All this as a solution is put to work on our customers side : an Open Source solution.

The vision on OS
Where did it all start? As software developers, from the very start we felt the need for software in order to sustain our activity and the relation with our costumers.
Starting with data and internal applications server, the Internet server, bug-tracking system and version control system – proprietary software were proved to be not flexible and and ended up not to offer what we needed. Thus the Open Source escape where we found many alternatives for each request. Thats how The Aplix Solution appeared, as a best practice in Open Source software that we offer and adapt accordingly to the costumer's profile along with Aplix ERP. Complete Open Source solutions?
They exist! Everything is about identifying requirements and finding what suits you best with minimal amount of modifications. Aplix offers advice and assistance for its costumers for implementing integrated solutions based on OS software.

Bronze Partner

Avitech | Since its launch in 1999, AVITECH's business profile has substantially expanded from a single video projectors deliveries division to four autonomous business lines of distribution, integrated systems, equipment rentals and digital signage.
AVITECH's new divisions have been ISO 9001 certified early in 2002.

AVITECH has grown nationally by providing brand new technologies together with leadership in the integrated systems industry. During the last seven years, the company has been organized in order to supply customized and integrated services in specific areas like security systems, videoconference networks and digital signage.
AVITECH is also a quality trademark in pro audio systems, audio video solutions, smart house equipment and Building Management Systems (BMS).

Bronze Partner

BIT Software | BIT Software was established in 1993 having as main activity the development and implementation of ERP/CRM systems.
In 1994, BIT Software started the development of the ERP Socrate+, system that was successfully implemented until now to more than 150 companies in Romania. Starting with 2004, the company moved to open source technologies, launching on the Romanian market in June 2006, the ERP Socrateopen, powered by Compiere.

Socrateopen is the first open source system in Romania which integrates ERP, CRM, SCM and BI functionality.
Socrateopen is based on the ERP Compiere (, offers rich, integrated and easy to use functionality, and it is addressed to mid-sized companies, and to divisions of large-sized companies.
Socrateopen is a 100% Java solution, designed to work on any operating system, being database and application server independent, supporting Oracle, Postgres, DB2 and MS SQL Server databases.
Socrateopen is built on an innovative MDA architecture, based on an active data dictionary, and an integrated workflow. The functionality was designed for global deployment supporting multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-accounting requirements.
The system has zero licensing costs, and two types of available licensing: GPL and EULA. The system is supported by BIT Software and its partners which offer professional implementation, training and technical support services.
The Socrateopen initiative derives from the desire to change the configuration of the Romanian ERP market, and to offer an open and honest collaborative environment.

For more information regarding BIT Software and Socrateopen please visit and

Bronze Partner

IBS - Intelligent Building Solutions | IBS - Intelligent Building Solutions offers complete solutions for building automation services.

X10 & CAN hardware equipments for smart houses Software necessary for the controlling and monitoring of the smart houses. Link with OS IBS opens the source of its main application for controlling and monitoring of the smart houses. More than that, IBS now offers the hardware design for their products in Open Source system.

Vision on OS
"The open source phenomenon can be seen in many different ways: fight against corporate, sincerity, gratuity or even pride. Every company or private person has different reasons to open its source code. But the result is always the same: a better product. A product that is reviewed and discussed by many, which can be analyzed, commented and enhanced by everybody cannot go other way than becoming better.
I do not want to say that the best products today on the market are open sourced. I just say that some of the excellent open source products that you can see on the market today would be definitely worse if they would be closed, protected source.
A smarthouse needs hardware and software and, because the hardware is not easy to modify, the software is the one to make the difference: easy extension and configuration should be thought at the very base level of the software architecture. And if the user can make its own configurations and extensions, the results will be even better.
By opening the source code of our application we give to our collaborators, and to everybody else, the possibility to understand better the functionality, to build new user interfaces and scripts or even to implement new drivers for new hardware devices or communication protocols specific to smarthouse industry". (Eugen Rotariu, IBS General Manager)

Bronze Partner

Sun Microsystems | Sun Microsystems provides network computing infrastructure solutions that include computer systems, software, storage, and services. Its core brands include the Java technology platform, the Solaris operating system, StorageTek and the UltraSPARC processor.
By investing in research and development Sun creates products and services that address the complex issues that customers face today, including increasing demands for network access, bandwidth and storage being driven by explosive growth in network participation and sharing.
Sun's network computing infrastructure solutions are used in a wide range of industries including technical/scientific, business, engineering, telecommunications etc. Environmental Stewardship
Every day, dozens of companies benefit from Sun's environmental stewardship and eco responsible solutions that offer high performance and lower power, cooling, and space requirements.

In April, 2007, Fortune Magazine proclaimed Sun Microsystems "the greenest computer company under the Sun."

Our Vision, Mission and Cause Since 1982, we have maintained that the network is the computer. Our vision is to see everyone and everything participating on the network. Our mission is to create technologies and fuel communities that enable sharing and participation. Our Cause is to eliminate the digital divide.
Eliminating the digital divide allows everyone to take part in opportunities and contribute to solutions regardless of their geographic location or economic situation.

We invest in research and development to create products and services that provide competitive differentiation for our customers and for developers adopting our technology. We integrate software, storage, services and systems and we believe volume drives value. We share technology in order to grow our communities, increase participation and build new markets.

Bronze Partner

nuxeo | Nuxeo is the leader of open source ECM and the creator of Nuxeo 5, the open source, standards-based ECM platform.
Nuxeo creates and delivers innovative software for Enterprise Content Management. As a credible alternative to pricey proprietary monolithic ECM software stacks, Nuxeo 5 (ex-CPS) offers a comprehensive, robust, componentized and innovative ECM platform that can be used to imagine and deploy large-scale ECM applications (from a website or corporate intranet to a strong document management application or collaborative platform). Nuxeo combines the best of the open source development model with a traditional support and service approach to make open source a safe choice for the enterprise. This includes the innovative concepts, royalty-free software, transparent development and active community inherent in open source and the accountability and professional support services expected of a traditional software vendor.

Learn more about Nuxeo on (corporate site) and (community site).

Bronze Partner

Zitec | Zitec is a Romanian based company providing IT Oursourcing & Software Solutions for US, Canadian, Danish, Romanian & other markets.

Developed solutions target medical, financial, IT sectors.

Zitec is the only Zend - The PHP Company representative for Romania.

Zitec own products:

- (Document Management System)
- (Web Content Management System)
- (Enterprise On-line Survey System)

Get to know Zitec on

Community Sponsors

The Mozilla Foundation | Founded in July 2003, Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to support and provide leadership for lots of developers and innovators and their mission is preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet. The Mozilla Foundation is providing organizational, legal, and financial support for the Mozilla open-source software project; its headquarters are located in Mountain View, California. The most known application developed under Mozilla Foundation is the Mozilla Firefox browser, which as of July 2006 has fulfilled 200 millions of downloads. More information about Mozilla Foundation you can find on
MySQL | Founded in 1995 by David Axmark, Allan Larsson, and Michael "Monty" Widenius, MySQL AB is now one of the largest open source companies with over 300 staff members distributed across 25 countries. The company is the inventor, main developer and copyright holder of MySQL, the most popular Open Source RDBMS (relational database management system).
MySQL is an early innovator in the industry, moving away from a proprietary business model in the early days of the company to a hybrid Open Source model that is based primarily on selling support, service and proprietary or custom license agreements for the database.
Canonical / Ubuntu | Canonical Ltd. is committed to the development, distribution and promotion of open source and free software projects, and to providing tools and support to the FLOSS community. It is headquartered in the Isle of Man, and employs staff around the world, along with their main offices in London and support office in Montreal.
Team members include leaders from the GNOME, Linux, Debian and Arch open source projects, helping Canonical to stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing open source software world.

Ubuntu, sponsored by Canonical, is a widely used Linux distribution predominantly targeted at personal computers. Based on Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu concentrates on usability, regular releases, ease of installation, and freedom from legal restrictions.
eZ systems | eZ systems is the creator of eZ Publish, an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System. With an enterprise Open Source business model, we combine enterprise software with Open Source code and total product responsibility. This combination makes it possible to combine the openness and sharing of the eZ philosophy with a sustainable business model. eZ systems was founded in 1999. The eZ philosophy of openess and information sharing is still the basic guideline for the company, employees and products. Today the company consists of 80 open-minded and talented experts from different nationalities, and has offices in Norway, Ukraine, France, Canada and Germany.
Foo Associates | Foo Associates is small strategic consulting firm whose mission is to help organizations develop sustainable, humanist competitive advantages.

Navarik Corp., based in Vancouver, Canada, is the leading SaaS provider for the worldwide maritime shipping industry.
For over six years, Navarik has been using open standards and Open Source software and tools to build, run, and maintain our web-based IT systems that help major global customers solve their problems in collecting, using, and sharing their critical business information.
In the process, we are applying some of the major changes that are taking place on the public web to modernize enterprise IT systems and business processes.


Below you will find those who have contributed and/or are contributing to the eLiberatica project. Some of them are ROSI members, some not. The common things they share are the willingness to embrace progressive ideas, an open mind and a big heart.
We wish to thank them all!
Click an image to find details about the person listed.
In alphabetical order:
Adrian Florea <Adrian Florea> Braşov, Romania. Adrian works as a Java programmer for a major U.S. company. Most applications he works on are n-tiered Pharmaceutical Laboratory Information Management Systems based on Oracle database and rich Swing/SWT clients. Nowadays, when people ask him what he does for a living he usually limits his response to "I work with computers". Close enough. When he's not working, he's quite busy with daydreaming and a wondering "What if..." (Aren't we all ?). Blog:
Adriana Nan <Adriana Nan> Braşov, Romania. Adriana just finished her computer science studies at the University of Braşov, and is preparing for her masters degree in Algorithms and Software Products. In her free time she likes to travel, and shoot pictures. Blog: ---
Alex Brie <Alex Brie> Bucharest, Romania. Alex has a strong Computer Science background with a master's degree in algorithms from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris and a bachelor in AI and computer vision. What he likes best is, however, building prototypes for novel startup ideas. And blogging, let's not forget blogging; his primary occupation and the most fun one. Blog:
Alexandru Lăpuşan <Alexandru Lăpuşan> Bucharest, Romania. Alexandru is Zitec (a Romanian software development company) owner and CEO. A little bit over allocated to many independent projects - mainly with his company and The Alpinet Project ( – he is trying to make best use of OS technologies, and give something in return to the community whenever that is possible. Personal page: | Site:
Andrei Bocan <Andrei Bocan> Paris, France. Andrei is a programmer with over 4 years of experience in open source field. He is the project initiator and coordinator for Design Plus Romania. Site:
Andrei Maxim <Andrei Maxim> Bucharest, Romania. Andrei Maxim is a student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Spiru Haret University and a Microsoft Student Partner. For him, information is a universal right, not a rare privilege. He enjoys being called a ".NET/Ruby uchideshi". Blog:
Aurelian Oancea <Aurelian Oancea> Bucharest, Romania. Full time software developer with Twodecode.
At home: Open-source supporter, contributor and project leader.
His status: Regain Productivity (was: Spring Asthenia).
Bogomil Shopov <Bogomil Shopov> Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, Bogo is the Head of Development of Partner 24, Bulgaria, an open source consultant at Open Ideas Company Ltd., a dedicated supporter of OS/FS, and part of the organizing committee for WebTech (Web Technology Conference). He is frequently invited to speak about PHP, Open Source / Open Standards and MySQL at local and international IT events.
Since the very beginning he believed in bringing closer the OS/FS communities from Romania and Bulgaria. He supported and promoted eLiberatica with each opportunity he had, including the latest OpenFest conference held in Ruse, Bulgaria.
Blog: | Site:
Carmen Holotescu <Carmen Holotescu> Timişoara, Romania. An enthusiastic teacher, manager and blogger, interested in eLearning and FLOSS applicability in Education and Business. Blog: | Site:
Carmen Moise <Carmen Moise> Braşov, Romania. Carmen is a website integrator for a French company even though as a teenager she believed that there's no cooler job than dubbing voices for cartoon characters. Actually, sometimes she still believes this. She loves to travel (yeah, who doesn't) and Venetia has a special place in her heart. Site:
Daniel Tudor <Daniel Tudor> Bucharest, Romania. "Every day is a new challenge" for the youngest representative of Agora Media and promoter of eLiberatica. Daniel is studying cybernetics in the Academy of Economical Studies from Bucarest, he loves sports and he likes to travel. The connection between cybernetics, sales and open source? He is opened to any source of professional and intellectual development. And he knows to sell himself very well... Blog: ---
Dave MacLeod <Dave MacLeod> Vancouver, Canada. Dave MacLeod received his Computer Science degree from Dalhousie University in 2005. Afterwards he turned to genetics research where he published on prokaryotic evolution. He is currently studying to become an engineer with specialties in mechanics and electronics. He is a long time advocate of open source and free software. Blog: ---
Dave MacLeod <Dan Mutescu> Iasi, Romania. Dan Mutescu has an experience of more than six years in open source. He organized several conferences (Linux FEST I, II and III) and developed projects regarding FLOSS.
He is currently studying at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering, Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" Iasi, Romania.
Blog: ---
Felix Enescu <Felix Enescu> Bucharest, Romania. Felix is sure that Romania will become a regional hub for IT. He is CIO of one of the biggest group of companies in Romania (US$2.34 billion turnover in 2005 with presence in 12 countries). His personal quest is to help Romania to expand regionally. Blog:
Filip Chereches-Tosa <Filip Cherecheş-Tosa> Oradea, Romania. Filip is deeply involved in every aspect of his small web development company, Exigo. He's also one of the authors of the 4th edition book on Ajax (AJAX and PHP: Building Responsive Web Applications). For relaxation, he hangs out with his friends and enjoys traveling and mountain hiking. Blog: | Site:
Gabriela Bartic <Gabriela Bartic> Bucharest, Romania. ...or what's she got to do with it? This temporary association with FLOSS is a novelty for her, as well. eLiberatica is the beginning of a sketch in which a Sociology and Political Science graduate, with a master of arts in Social Psychology, talks about PHP, knows the origins of the MySQL term, and that My is sister to Max, that Ubuntu is not only a humanist theory. These all are good reasons for her friends, to whom she usually spoke about literature and movies, to envy her for such a fabulous language improvement. Blog:
Gabriel Radic <Gabriel Radic> Paris, France. Gabriel is so busy with his full time job (user experience professional), the freelance projects, the community web sites, his blog, his wife and their two year old son, that he doesn't have the time to write a proper description. He thinks he's funny, but that's absurd. Blog:
Ionut Popa <Ionuţ Popa> Buzău, Romania. Ionuţ is working like a front end web application developer for Sparktech. He loves his work and believes that a day will come when he will be an important web player. Site:
Jennifer-Zickerman <Jennifer Zickerman> Vancouver, Canada. Jen is a technical writer and editor who live in Vancouver, Canada. She worked extensively and almost exclusively with companies that are developing open-source software and promote open standards. Blog:
Laurentiu Buzdugan <Laurenţiu Buzdugan> Detroit, USA. Laurenţiu started to use Slackware Linux 11 years ago. He is volunteering for GNU Translation Project, KDE and GNOME. He lives in U.S. and truly believes in Open Source and Free Software ideals. Long live "./configure && make && make install"! Site:
Laurentiu Fogoros <Laurenţiu Fogoroş> Braşov, Romania. Laurenţiu is a programmer with a wide and extensive experience in web technologies. He works in the same time for a variety of projects following his personal philosophy of "bring it on" ;) Blog: ---
Leontin Birsan <Leontin Bîrsan> Braşov, Romania. Leontin is by definition a computer geek. His expertise ranges from programming to network administration. In his free time... oops! There is no such thing as "free time" for him... Blog:
Lucian Savluc <Lucian Savluc> Vancouver, Canada. Lucian is the initiator and coordinator for the ROSI group and eLiberatica. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, and works as a software engineer specialized in user interface design, usability and data architecture. Between FLOSS/eLiberatica/ROSI and his job, he likes to spend the small amount of remaining free time with his family and sometimes for his hobbies (architecture, photography, literature, movies). Blog: | LinedIn profile:
Mihai Bucuroiu <Mihai Bucuroiu> Bucharest, Romania. Mihai has been in the sales since 1995, when such an activity was almost about pioneering. He joined Agora Media by the beginning of 2001 and still tries to sell sand in Sahara and ice at the North Pole. Once he achieves that, he will probably give up selling. To accomplish this goal, he's under guidance from a mentor of 10 years who somehow managed to lease to his classmates the ice strip in the school's backyard, where the lads used to glide during breaks. He now promotes eLiberatica on the Romanian market. He likes to travel and fish. Like fishermen. Blog: ---
Mircea Dragoi <Mircea Drăgoi> Târgu-Mureş, Romania. Mircea started his designer career as an illustrator for the IT's industry much awarded PC Magazine - the Romanian edition. Since then, he's worked across many design fields, including web design, branding and photography. Mircea has founded in 2003 his own company, Epix Design, a small but ambitious creative agency providing innovative and professional graphic design services for many international clients. You'll be surprised to discover among them names like, or
Outside of work (if there's such a thing), he likes to drive his car as far as possible and, of course, to play with his 2 years old son, a wonderful boy whose childhood books will be illustrated by his father!
Blog: | Site:
Mircea Sarbu <Mircea Sârbu> Târgu-Mureş, Romania. Mircea is a programmer who edited IT magazines for 10 years. Right now he is spending his time between the two professions: editing programs and programming magazines. In the rest of the time, he is fixing programs and debugging magazines. He reads books and writes articles although he would like it to be the other way around. Site:
Raluca Borca <Raluca Borca> Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Raluca graduated in 2006 from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Computer Science Department. In the same year, she started her PhD studies at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, having as main research interests content based information retrieval, computer vision and artificial intelligence. Blog: Coming soon.
Remus Cazacu <Remus Cazacu> Braşov, Romania. Remus is an entrepreneur which started in 1990 in the IT field, at the beginning selling hardware and networking, and from 1994 he was dedicated to the ERP/CRM software development and implementation. In 2004, he begins to reorient the company BIT Software towards open source technologies. His free time is dedicated to the family and to his friends and he likes judo and the dogs. Site:
Roberto Gerola <Roberto Gerola> Rovereto, Italia. Roberto has a bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering, a professional license in Engineering and is a member of PMI and IEEE. He has a strong technical background in Open Source, with many years of experience in software development with many languages, system and database administration on Linux platform and consulting work. He is working currently for his company which he founded in 2001. He also developed the Drupal module (Localizer - a module that provides support for multilingual content support) that is implemented in eLiberatica website. Site:
Romulus Maier <Romulus Maier> Bucharest, Romania. Romulus studied electrotechnics and achieved an EMBA degree. Since 1990 he become publisher and now is partner and manager of Agora Media, one of the most important publishing houses in Romania specialized on IT&C and business. Site:
Sabin Corneliu Buraga <Sabin Corneliu Buraga> Iaşi, Romania. Sabin achieved the title of Doctor in Information Sciences (Cum Laude) at "A.I.Cuza" University of Iasi. Some of his fields of interest and experience domains are Web technologies distributed computing, and human-computer interaction. He tries to balance technical "pleasures" with artistic "difficulties", in the large frame of open source initiatives. Blog:
Stefan Petre <Ştefan Petre> Braşov, Romania. Ştefan studied the economy in high school and university and started to deal with computers every day. He studied web marketing and design. Later he needed a PHP programmer and since he found none suitable for his projects he decided to study himself. After he achieved a competitive level he stepped in usability, studying more the design. He loves computers but if the power is off he likes to shot photos. Blog: | Site:
Tiberiu Turbureanu <Tiberiu Turbureanu> Bucharest, Romania. Tiberiu studies Computer Science at the "Politehnica" University of Bucharest. He's working as volunteer/ coordinator in some FLOSS and improvement of education through practice related projects, loves team-working and helping people reveal their true potential. He strongly believes in the power of community and always seeks for meeting open-minded people. His hobbies are metal rock, philosophy, sports, traveling, movies and strategy computer games. Blog:
Traian Anghel <Traian Anghel> Brăila, Romania. Traian is a high school teacher from Braila, Romania. Although he hasn't forgotten his first love (physics), he is passionate of Web technologies, also publishing a few books in this domain. He dedicates his free time to his family. Blog:
Yovko Lambrev <Yovko Lambrev> Sofia, Bulgaria. Yovko Lambrev is a computer engineer, IT architect and security consultant, heavy open source believer, photographer, independent software developer and a fan of rock, jazz and pop music. As many of us, he shot its first photo using a Smena-8 camera and now he considers himself, with modesty, a "semi-professional" photographer, even if his portfolio impress in both IT and photography areas.
In the past, he worked for big enterprises and multi-national companies such as HVB-HebrosBank and Siemens. Currently he is IT Architect at IBM Global Services (the consulting part of the Big Blue Giant).
But what should be a special mention regarding Yovko is that he's the main coordinator for the OpenFest events in Bulgaria, starting with 2003. His experience was a huge gain for eLiberatica
Zak Greant <Zak Greant> Vancouver, Canada. Surprisingly, Zak is the same person whether his business card says Mozilla Foundation or Executive Director for eZ Systems, North America. Among other things, he is also an associate member of Free Software Foundation and the author of some very popular PHP/MySQL books, published by O'Reilly. In fact, in all these aspects, Zak is an advocate and an evangelist - sometimes official like when he advocated MySQL - for Open Source and Free Software ideals.
Special attention should be paid to the fact that Zak was - since the very beginning - helping and participating on ROSI and eLiberatica organization. Probably, without him, eLiberatica would have few chances to succeed.
Adrian Florea Adriana Nan Alex Brie Alexandru Lăpuşan Andrei Bocan Andrei Maxim Aurelian Oancea Bogomil Shopov Carmen Holotescu Carmen Moise Daniel Tudor Dave MacLeod Dan Mutescu Felix Enescu Filip Cherecheş-Tosa Gabriela Bartic Gabriel Radic Ionuţ Popa Jennifer Zickerman Laurenţiu Buzdugan Laurenţiu Fogoroş Leontin Birsan Lucian Savluc Mihai Bucuroiu Mircea Drăgoi Mircea Sârbu Raluca Borca Remus Cazacu Roberto Gerola Romulus Maier Sabin Corneliu Buraga Ştefan Petre Tiberiu Turbureanu Traian Anghel Yovko Lambrev Zak Greant

Promoters & Media Partners

Many Organizations, communities, groups and individuals are promoting and sustaining eLiberatica and ROSI initiative.
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