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The first public appearances

The month of August brought important achievements; eLiberatica manifesto was published, same with the ROSI presentation page. Agora Media published the first news about the initiative.

For the first time, eLiberatica was presented to a public IT&C international event: BarCamp – organized in Vancouver, Canada, between 25th and 27th of August. Lucian Savluc and Zak Greant presented the initiative and its objectives to some of the most active members of Vancouver IT community. More than 50 flyers were distributed and feedback from the public was positive and enthusiast. Among the ones let know about our project we can count Bruce Byfield who published information about the initiative in the famous portal NewsForge.

In the same time, eLiberatica starts to reflect itself in the blogosphere; here we need to mention some ROSI members who published on their blogs news and info about the event: Carmen Holotescu, Alex Brie, Aurelian Oancea, Filip Cherecheş-Tosa, Gabriel Radic, Sabin-Corneliu Buraga, Yovko Lambrev, Zak Greant, Andrei Maxim, Alex Nedelcu, Leontin Bîrsan, Ciprian Popovici, Mihai Gheza. Besides them, the news spread among other blogers and OS/FS fans.

As for September, eLiberatica went public for the first time in Romania, being presented by Carmen Holotescu and Sabin Buraga at "Seminarul Linux şi medii virtuale de învăţare UVVG Arad" conference.

Meanwhile, the work on eLiberatica website continues; a test server was set, the structure was established, Drupal was the chosen CMS; the layout and content are under continuous development.

New members joined the ROSI initiative group as a result of eLiberatica related publicity.

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