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ROSI and eLiberatica

After careful consideration, we have decided to use "ROSI" as name for the movement.
We wanted that both Open Source and Free Software trends to be part of the name that came out as an abbreviation for "Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative" so we choose to use the shorthand of ROS(FS)I.

We also decided that " eLiberatica – The Benefits of Open & Free Technologies" will be the name of the conference. Proposed topics for the conference were subject of debate; the name is considered to be a good exponent for the essence of the event.

We pointed out the conference objectives:

  • To reveal the general Open Source and Free Software concepts, the differences between the two trends and the types of licenses used in this area.
  • To demonstrate that Open Source and Free Software is a valid alternative to proprietary software.
  • To present the possibilities to use and develop Open Source and Free Software in Romania.
  • To present various business models based on OS/FS and the way they can be implemented by Romanian entrepreneurs.
  • To determine the local and governmental authorities to consider the usage of OS/FS in public administration and civic coordination as a viable and strong option.
  • To lead toward the creation of an OS/FS community in Romania, strongly connected to the global FLOSS movement.

In the same time, we have identified the target market for Eliberatica:

  • Entrepreneurs, decision factors from companies and freelancers.
  • Decision factors involved in the local and governmental administration and non-governmental representatives.
  • Programmers, developers, web designers, system engineers, project managers and everyone else working in IT.
  • Students and teachers, regardless of their study domain.
  • Everyone from Mass Media.
  • Computer users in general. (We are strongly convinced that anybody who is using or is going to use a computer, will find useful and interesting information attending this conference.)
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