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Agora Media – the official ROSI partner for eLiberatica

In May 2006, for the first time, some of the ROSI members (Ştefan Petre, Adrian Florea, Laurenţiu Fogoroş, Leontin Bîrsan, Ciprian Alexandru and Lucian Savluc – who was in Romania for the whole month) met in Braşov and talked about future steps.

The need to attract new members, to involve companies from the country in the process and especially the necessity to find a strong, trustful partner were also brought into discussion.
After a carefully analyzing the possible options, with the help of another ROSI member (Mircea Sârbu) we were able to establish a meeting with Mr. Romulus Maier, the general manager of Agora Media.
The general feeling was that both ROSI and Agora share the same ideals: the willingness to promote new IT&C technologies and positive trends in Romania, building a connection between the Romanian IT community and the world one.

Given so, it was decided that ROSI and Agora will work together like partners to organize eLiberatica conference.

"We [the ROSI members] have the feeling that this partnership is the biggest step forward and even if some of us had doubts about this initiative, now we are sure not only eLiberatica will take place but also is going to have a huge success too."

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