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Welcome to eLiberatica
The benefits of Open and Free Technologies 2007.

The first conference of its kind in Romania, eLiberatica will feature a variety of events dedicated to press and analysts, and provide a range of facilities to ensure that your visit to Braşov is enjoyable and productive.

Whether you are a journalist for a news corporation or the webmaster of a small-scale web log, you are welcomed to access the resources in this page designated to help you with your informational coverage.


eLiberatica will bring together prominent international and local experts to discuss the hot topics regarding Open Source and Free Software movement and practices. Attendants will learn about general OS/FS concepts, licenses, business models, latest trends in IT related to OS/FS and many other interesting topics.


Together with other high profile speakers, eLiberatica will present the father of PHP, the creator of MySQL and one of the originators of Apache Project, to mention a few.

For more details, please check the "Speakers & Events" and "Schedule" section.

Media Registration

All media and analyst representatives who plan to attend the conference must pre-register by emailing an intention of participation to Media Registration - Email.

Registration is free of charge for all media representatives and analysts with valid up-to-date credentials. Your pass will give you unlimited access to all keynote sessions, and guarantee you special conditions for attending the other related events.
Please note: You will be required to show identification and credentials when you enter the conference.

Q: How can pre-show interviews be arranged?
A: Contact Lucian Savluc at Lucian Savluc - Email to arrange interviews with speakers or conference managers.

Q: How do members of the press qualify for a press pass?
A: Journalists and editors will need to provide proof of their affiliation to a media organization by either providing a direct link to their latest written article or report, with name included, posted at an editorial or analyst website, or by emailing /faxing their latest written article or report to:
Media Registration - email

Help the students to know about this offer!

Romanian version: Conference Offer for Students and Teachers Flyer - click to download!If you are a student or a teacher, and you wish to help spreading the word about this great opportunity, you can download the PDF Conference Offer for Students and Teachers flyer, you can print it and post it on your school board.


Banners & Logos

Win one of the two free invitations for eLiberatica conference!


You too can help us promoting the Open Source and Free Software ideals by placing eLiberatica banner and link on your website. Doing so, you will be automatically subscribed in the draw to win one of two free invitations to the conference.

What should you do:

  • Insert eLiberatica logo (and the link to in your template or in a dedicated section of your website (like "Media Partners" for example).
  • Send an email to Lucian Savluc - email with a short note where you mention the link/page where you inserted eLiberatica logo.
  • If you wish to have your website logo listed under our "Promoters & Media Partners" section, please attach it to the email (preferable not bigger than 100x100 pixels).

VWe are going to monitor all the links coming from external sites which inserted an eLiberatica logo; a few weeks before the conference, we will pick two winners, which will get free invitations for eLiberatica.

The easiest way is to copy and paste the code below in your webpage:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="eLiberatica - The Benefits of Open and Free Technologies Conference" border="0" /></a>

Alternatively, you can download the artwork posted below and use it for web or printing, as you wish.

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If you have any questions regarding press and analyst activities, please contact:

  • Lucian Savluc
    Email: Lucian Savluc - Email