Call for Papers

The Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative (ROSI), together with Agora Media cordially invite you to participate at the first Romanian FLOSS Conference, eLiberatica, May 18th and 19th 2007 in Braşov, Romania.

"We wish to offer equal opportunity for both academics and industries to present, demonstrate and discuss the latest ideas and trends in the Open Source and Free Software world.
We are considering that by hosting such a high-profile event, for both Romania and the Eastern part of the Europe, a significant acceleration of the research and development efforts on the open and free software technologies is expected from companies, universities and local authorities."


Any subjects that are concerning technologies based on Open Source and Free Software could possibly be of interest for a presentation at eLiberatica but most of all, we are trying to focus on subject areas relating to the topics below:
  • Open Source and Free Software: meaning, philosophy, past, present and future.
  • OS/FS license models and related legal aspects.
  • Business models based on OS/FS. How using and developing OS/FS can turn into a successful business.
  • Freedom of choice; FLOSS mainstream and democracy information.
  • How to achieve professional reputation contributing to OS/FS projects.
  • OS/FS alternative for companies and regular users. Examples of OS/FS applications that can successfully replace the proprietary software: operating systems, office software, CMS, web servers, web applications, project administration, etc.
  • The FLOSS influence in new IT trends: the need of standardization, building social communities on web, etc.

The conference organizers also encourage the submission of proposals for workshops and tutorials.

Notes about keynote speeches:

  • Usually, speeches will be 30, 40 or 60 minutes in length; however, we will provide the optimal time for all the speakers to finish their presentations.
  • The language of the conference will mainly be English, but we expect some Romanian presentations too; there will be translation services provided in both languages on the headset.
  • The conference will have a single track in the morning, consisting of general talks about OS/FS, and two tracks in the afternoon: one track will hold academicals/technical presentations and the other one will present practical solutions and case studies about Open Source/Free Software commercial implementation.

Call for papers

Once you have picked you subject(s), please check the proposed schedule to see where you might fit; then send us an abstract on your suggested talk. You are welcomed to propose more than one topic if you like.

Your abstract should contain:
  • A descriptive title.
  • Estimated talk time.
  • Approximately 500-1000 characters and it should clearly define the topic of your talk.
  • Please send your abstract in plain text format or in rtf in order to facilitate the evaluation procedure.
  • Abstracts can be sent to the following e-mail address Papers - email until 30th of March 2007.
  • If any of your papers are accepted, you will be notified by April 9th, 2007.

Thank you!