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Being on the forefront of innovation is key for the success of both companies and professionals. These days, the best practices and major innovations in the software industry (as well as in business in general) have strong connections with Open Source and Free Software movement.

Open and Free Technologies are cost-effective, dynamic and extremely flexible. However, these benefits can also cause challenges for those that don’t stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in the field.

All these aspects and much more will be addressed in this second eLiberatica edition.

Conference topics

  • What does Open Source and Free Software mean
    • Past, present and future;
    • The economical perspective;
    • Governmental, pan-European and world perspective;
    • School and education system.
  • FLOSS and business
    • Open Source & Free Software versus closed source and the proprietary model.
    • POSS (Professional Open Source) Model concept.
    • Different types of FLOSS business models:
      • OS/FS (Open Source / Free Software) products development;
      • Support and services based on company’s own OS/FS products;
      • Support and services based on OS/FS products developed by other companies;
      • OS/FS products developed for selling hardware;
      • Proprietary services developed by using OS/FS solutions;
      • Services for providing FLOSS information and documentation;
      • Other examples.
    • Success stories and practical examples of FLOSS based business models.
  • How to build a career and gain professional growth by getting involved in the FLOSS community
    • Why is it important to participate in the FLOSS community;
    • Success stories and practical examples.
  • Legal aspects related to FLOSS
    • License types;
    • Romanian legislation;
    • Legal aspects regarding starting a FLOSS model based business in Romania.
  • FLOSS in government, local administration and education
    • Why is FLOSS important from a governmental perspective (transparency, opening, democracy of information, etc);
    • What are other governments doing;
    • What is the Romanian Government doing/not doing and what it should/shouldn’t do;
    • Why we should insist to teach Open Source and Free Software methods and technologies in schools/universities;
    • The power of the community and why should we care.
  • Break the code hour
    • Technical presentation;
    • The FLOSS alternative solutions: practical presentation of FLOSS solutions that can be used instead of proprietary software.

High profile speakers

Just like last time, the organizers are working hard to get high profile speakers and leading companies that will give real value to the event.

An updated list with all confirmed speakers, can be found under Speaker section.

The conference is targeting in the following order:

  • Business people who wish to find new ways of development together with companies staff : CEO, CFO, CIO, BDM, managers, etc );
  • IT management and key technology staff;
  • Decision factors involved in the local and governmental administration;
  • Teachers and students;
  • Computer users in general;


Because the intention is to gain the maximum audience and impact, eLiberatica 2008 will be held in the most business active region of Romania, the capital city of Bucharest, in one of the best possible location: World Trade Center Bucharest.

The conference will provide at least the same high quality services and venue as was seen in Brasov last year, which will make this again one of the most enjoyable IT events in the country.

...more about location


Conference registration now OPEN. Check the special offers!

The conference will take place Friday and Saturday, 30th and 31st of May, 2008.

Keeping in touch

The conference organizers are working hard to prepare the conference, invite prominent speakers, and manage all the aspects that will make this eLiberatica edition a unique IT event in Romania, just as the first edition accomplished.

On the way of preparing it, the website will be updated with last minute information. For that, we are inviting you to subscribe to our newsletter (see the left side subscribing box).


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