eLiberatica 2007 - bilingual and ePayment facilities

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Starting this month, you can pay for your participation at the eLiberatica conference by debit or credit card, thanks to the electronic payment system setup by the ePayment company.

In addition, you can benefit from major discounts on your conference ticket(s) by registering and paying for your options before the end of February. Up until February 28th, you are able to take advantage of a 100 Euro discount for Basic Conference Tickets, paying only 149 instead of the standard 249 Euro price. At the same time students and teachers in the pre-university and university system can benefit from Discounted Conference Tickets ( 25 Euro ) by sending their application and proving appropriate documentation.

Soon, we are going to release our offer for mass-media partners. We are hoping to have complete information coverage for the public and this is a crucial step in that direction. With everybody’s help, we expect eLiberatica will be one of the most important events for the IT industry in Romania this year.

For details, please consult our events web page: http://www.eliberatica.ro/2007/eliberatica-registration or you can directly subscribe using the Agora Media official registration page http://www.agora.ro/eliberatica/.

Please contact the Agora Media Public Relations department if you need assistance through your registration process:

Telephone: (+4)-021
Fax: (+4)-021

Other News

Beside ePayment, another big accomplishment is the release of the English website version.

In the top right corner, you will find a small flag and a link, which provide you access to the Romanian and English versions, as needed. A big effort was spent to implement bilingual services for the website, but the reward will be a powerful presence on the web promoting eLiberatica inside and outside Romania.

We, the eLiberatica organizers, are waiting your opinions and subscriptions to the conference, at www.eliberatica.ro.

The eLiberatica Team

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