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eLiberatica is the annual Free Software and Open Source conference organized by the Romanian Free Software and Open Source Initiative (ROSI) in partnership with Agora Media.


The goal of the event is to develop and sustain a healthy Free Software, Open Source and Digital Civil Society movement, and to promote Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) business models in Romania.

Presentations and activities at the event are meant to help both local and international participants share ideas and experience about these concepts and movements.


The first iteration of this event (held on 18th-19th May 2007 at Braşov, Romania) was unique in that it brought some of the most recognized leaders in Free Software and Open Source to Romania to interact with a diverse group of those interested in Free Software, Open Source and Digital Civil Society.

Participants including legal scholars, national offices of multinational computing giants (like IBM, Red Hat and Sun), strong national companies (like BitDefender and BitSoftware), businessmen, students, the media, people from Romanian institutes of higher learning and working developers.

2007 Most notable international speakers
  • Michael (Monty) Widenius - architect and original developer of the MySQL DBMS.
  • Brian Behlendorf - noted Free Software and Open Source advocate; one of the original developers of the Apache Web server.
  • Georg C. F. Greve - president of the Free Software Foundation Europe.
  • Zak Greant - Free Software and Open Source advocate; Mozilla Foundation ombudslizard.
  • Jim Willis - civil society activist and former director of eGovernment and Information Technology for the Rhode Island (US) Office of the Secretary of State.
  • Aleksander Farstad - co-founder and CEO of eZ systems AS.
  • Kurt von Finck - senior Ubuntu systems analyst at Canonical.

For all keynotes speeches held this year please check eLiberatica 2007 website.


Organizers are working to prepare the next conference, which is going to be held in the Romania capital city of Bucharest, in the spring of 2008.
The eLiberatica 2008 website is estimated to be launched in September 2007. Until then, you are invited to keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter.


Public Relations:
Public Relations - email address

The Conference Coordinator:
Lucian Savluc, Conference Coordinator - email address

If you have a website, you can help us to promote this initiative by placing eLiberatica logo on your site and win one of the 2 free invitations for eLiberatica 2008 conference!
More info under 2007 Media Center.

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  I thoroughly enjoyed to participate in eLiberatica this year. I was trilled with the fresh enthusiasm and lively participation from the audience. The conference was well organized, the location (a valley surrounded by mountains) was very good and the choice of speakers excellent ;).
I don't remember when I was at a conference last time where I, as a speaker, got the feeling that we (the speakers) had actually accomplished something as good. I think my fellow speakers, conference organizers and the audience feels the same way.
Michael (Monty) Widenius
Chief Technical Officer:
  For me, eLiberatica was a terrific chance to meet the very diverse software community in Romania - from passionate Open Source advocates, to leaders of local software companies, to students and other end-users excited about what Open Source and Free Software could accomplish.
I found the discussion at the very end on Open-Source-related law and public policy issues to be the most interesting part. I hope we see more conferences like this in the future!
Brian Behlendorf
Free Software and Open Source Advocate:
Apache Software Foundation,
Mozilla Foundation
  eLiberatica is on my list of best conferences for 2007: well organized by a dedicated team of volunteers, with interesting participants and program, and located in a fascinating country with great hospitality.  
Georg C. F. Greve
Free Software Foundation Europe
  I had a blast in Romania! The country is beautiful, the conference organizers were very friendly and it was a joy to spend time with the event participants who were so enthusiastic to be taking part in such an important initiative.  
Jim Willis
(former) Director of eGovernment:
Rhode Island, US
  I was very impressed by this years eLiberatica event in Brasov, which I attended as a speaker. The event itself was very good managed, even though it was the first ever event, but most of all I was impressed by all the people there openly seeking knowledge and sharing their inputs. for me it was a great experience.  
Aleksander Farstad
Chief Executive Officer:
eZ systems AS
  In 2007 I had the good fortune to meet Lucian Savluc, founder of ROSI and organizer of eLiberatica. He paid me the compliment of asking me to speak at eLiberatica 2007, and my decision to attend is one of the very few truly excellent decisions I have ever made.
I had a fantastic time and was able to speak to many people regarding the state of Free Software in Romania. The attendees were unanimously warm and welcoming, and everyone I met had a real interest in seeing Free Software succeed in their country.
eLiberatica is now on my "must attend" list as a conference that's not only fun and informative, but one that sits on the front lines of the Free Software revolution. Come and be convinced.
Kurt von Finck
Senior Ubuntu Systems Analyst:
Canonical Ltd.